Could you host FoodCycle Liverpool?

FoodCycle uses surplus food as to strengthen communities; our volunteers cook, serve and share nutritious meals with people at risk of food poverty and social isolation.

FoodCycle has been running a Hub in Liverpool since 2011. Up until recently we were cooking and serving our weekly meals every Wednesday at Asylum Link, Liverpool, but unfortunately they are no longer able to host the service.

This means that we are now offering you the opportunity to partner with FoodCycle Liverpool!

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a venue that fulfils the following criteria:
  • A decent-sized kitchen with cooking facilities
  • A dining area that can seat at least 25-30 people
  • Available for at least one mealtime per week (this must be the same day/time each week).
  • The venue must be available free of charge, as FoodCycle Hubs work on the basis of a mutually beneficial relationship, where each partner stands to gain from the relationship.
We are looking for a partner that shares our objectives of tackling food waste, food poverty and social isolation.  FoodCycle aims to provide healthy,
community meals for one or more of our target groups, which include:
  • The homeless
  • Mental health service-users
  • Refugees and asylum seekers
  • Older people
  • Those on low incomes
We would be looking to either work with an organisation that already provides services for these groups, or another organisation that has a space from which we could reach out to these groups.

What will FoodCycle do for you?

FoodCycle Hubs work on the basis of a mutually beneficial local partnership, where in exchange for your donation of space, we will provide you with a free weekly service.  Working with FoodCycle will mean you can increase the number and range of services that you offer at very low cost, as we will cover all food and volunteering costs.

Our local team of volunteer Hub Leaders will coordinate the project, with support from FoodCycle’s central staff team, meaning that you can expand your social impact without increasing your workload.

We can provide you with local monitoring and evaluation of the impact the partnership has, which you can use to access funding and achieve your strategic aims.

Each FoodCycle Hub serves around 1,500 threecourse meals annually, using around 1,800kg of food that would otherwise be wasted.

FoodCycle’s services are fully covered by our own insurance, and all of our cooking sessions are led by a Hub Leader who has Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene training, to ensure high standards of food safety are maintained.

Across the UK, we successfully partner with organisations including Mind, the Salvation Army, Student Action for Refugees (STAR) and many more local community centres and churches.

“FoodCycle Islington offers a positive role model for the day centre service-users, and offers volunteering posts to service-users who are interested in doing
voluntary work… It gives the service-users an opportunity to share the space with people who don’t have mental health problems, thus addressing stigma around mental health, and enables greater integration for the Islington Mind service-users with other people from the community. I can’t recommend this initiative strongly enough. It is health and well-being promotion at its best.”
Ossi, Centre Manager at Islington Mind, FoodCycle partner

Get in touch
Please feel free to check out our website at to find out more about FoodCycle.

If you have a kitchen and dining space that could be suitable for FoodCycle Liverpool and are interested in finding out more about working together, please get in touch with Robyn on or call 0207 729 2775 to discuss the opportunity further.