Congratulations to our new Readers

12 new readers are licensed by Bishop Paul as the diocese celebrates 150 years of Reader Ministry.

The Reader Association's AGM was held on the morning of the licencing and was a fitting start to the proceedings covering the Reader Committee’s work whilst balancing this with time for heartfelt worship and singing. The AGM heard of the committee's reshaping to ensure it and the Reader Ministry were fit for purpose as the Readers respond positively to the Diocesan Growth Agenda.

Spen Webster, Warden of Readers, described Saturday’s event:
“In this year when we are celebrating 150 years of Reader Ministry in the Church of England last Saturday was a truly great memorable day for Reader Ministry; A truly great occasion demonstrating that Reader Ministry is very much alive and 'kicking' in this Diocese. Year on Year this service attracts more recruits, and candidates! As Bishop Paul said 'where would the Church of England be without Readers?!' Anyone who is thinking about their calling to Reader Ministry should come along to our Taster events. Thanks to Gratten Williams a Reader stepping in at the last minute to take photographs of the Saturday event and thanks also to all Cathedral Staff for their support especially Vice Dean Myles in arranging the service. What a way to celebrate in this 150th year of this great and blessed ministry!”

Bishop Paul speaking on Saturday said “Our diocese is rightly proud of our Readers and we greatly value the vital and gospel-centred ministry they offer. I am pleased to be able to license a further 12 candidates to this ministry today. These are people who have heard and responded to God’s call to serve their churches and today will be a joyous celebration of their call and an affirmation of all those who serve as readers. I thank them all and will continue to pray that they and their ministries continue to make a big difference to the lives of many in our Diocese”

Over the next few weeks we will introduce our new readers in a series of interviews.

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Come along to a Reader Taster event on November 10th 2016 or February 11th 2017