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Managing arrangements for the good order of churchyards

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) have responsibility for the maintenance of their churchyard. Our diocesan regulations are set in place to make sure that churchyards are managed responsibily, sensitively for the benefit of all.

Finding the last resting place for a loved one can often be a sensitive, difficult pastoral issue. The Diocesan Churchyard Regulations have been established to maintain the highest possible standards and guide those charged with making sensitive decisions.

The regulations describe the type of memorial the minister (Rector or Vicar) of a parish may permit in a churchyard. If a memorial does not comply then the minister may not approve it and an application for a Faculty (special legal permission) from the Chancellor of the Diocese will need to be made. Similarly is the minister is unwilling then a Faculty can be applied for.

We have published the full Regulations along with a summary and guidance. We suggest that ministers read the summary first.

For further details visit the Liverpool Diocesan Registry website: