Churches invite communities to pray for peace

Churches across the Diocese have responded to the events of this week by opening their doors and offering prayers for peace.

With the full support of Bishop Richard, churches opened throughout the day on August 10th to allow people quiet time and time to pray, and many ran organised prayer sessions.

Many more will continue to open and run prayer vigils for their communities.  

Church openings were publicized by churches in their local community and by local media.

Many churches posted opening times on their own and the Diocese of Liverpool's facebook page and also shared the Prayer for Peace from the CofE.

Churches have also posted information about the positive public response to the openings.

Clergy were also out helping with the clean up from the first day of disturbances. 

Bishop Richard said,

"I am very sad that this has happened in Liverpool, which is such a great city where the great majority of people are generous and openhearted. Our hearts and prayers go out to those affected, including those students forced to leave their accommodation and people whose cars and businesses have been damaged. I am sure that members of the community will come together to support each other at this time.

"Our churches provide a source of strength and hope for communities and I fully support any churches that wish to run their own prayer event if circumstances allow.

"I hope that people can come along to their local church and find peace and calm. I am very impressed by the positive responses of local church communities already.”

Bishop James Jones, who is currently recovering from heart surgery said, "While I am recuperating from surgery the City is very much in my prayers."

Bishop Richard joined other church leaders to issue a letter condemning the actions of those causing the disturbances and calling on communities to work together for peace.   

Communities invited to pray together in churches aross the Diocese on August 10th

A number of churches across the Diocese of Liverpool are opening on August 10th, to give communities the opportunity for quiet time and to pray for those affected by violence taking place across the country.

People of all faiths or none are invited to spend time in their local church with many churches are opening for private prayer, and some are running organised prayer sessions. Churches are publicizing opening times and prayer vigils within their local communities.

In the Toxteth area,
  • St Clement’s church on Beaumont Street will be open between 9.30am-11.30am  
  • St Bede’s Church on Hartington Road will be open from 1-4pm.
  • St Philemon’s will open from 11pm-3pm.

Churches elsewhere in Liverpool are also showing support for those communities affected.
  • All Saints Worship Centre in Sheil Road is open from 10-5pm with organised prayer at 6.30pm.
  • All Saints Parish Church on Townland Street will be open from 10-5 with an organised prayer event at 1pm.
  • St Mary the Virgin Waterloo will be open for prayer from 10.00am -12.00pm  
  • St. Faith's Great Crosby from 12.30pm -2.30pm.
  • St John Chrysostom, Everton will be open throughout the day.
  • The Holy Spirit Chapel of Liverpool Cathedral will also be dedicated to prayers for  peace. (People can also use the rest of the Cathedral for prayer).
Parishes are asked to notify their local radio station of opening times for prayer.