Church schools sign up for 'Educrate'

Kirkby CE Primary School and St Gabriel’s CE Primary School have signed up to the Educrate Project, working with Faiths 4 Change and Knowsley Council.

The project delivers curriculum-based environmental education on topics such as food waste, composting, recycling and growing.

An “Educrate” Website will be established within the current Faiths4Change Website to provide a tool for all project schools and partners to upload stories, progress and to access best practice support throughout the project duration. 

At the end of this initial programme there will be an event where all partners will come together to celebrate their experiences.

The programme will ultimately encourage children and the wider school community to learn about important environmental issues in a fun, practical way. The hope is that whole school communities will be involved in the work along with the children and that these environmental messages will be taken back home to their families and the wider community.

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