Church in the centre shows #christmasstarts with hospitality

The Church in the Centre, a collaboration between churches, volunteers, community groups and local traders at Kirkby In-Shops is showing that #christmasstarts with hospitality as it hosts a series of community Christmas parties throughout December.

Whilst the Church is now open every day Monday to Saturday between 10am and 4pm, the Christmas Parties will be held on each Saturday in December and will invite different sections of the community to join in the festive fun and seasonal celebrations.

The Christmas Party is open to anyone living or working in the Kirkby area and everything (including food and presents) are free of charge.

Parties have already been held for pensioners and carers, and others will be held for children and families and friends and volunteers.

Rev. Jayne VanDenBerg-Owens said: “The Church in the Centre continues to go from strength to strength. What was initially a summer project by ‘Kirkby Churches Together’, has now become an increasingly important hub in the community of Kirkby. "It is supported by a growing numbers of volunteers, church leaders, charities and local traders. It engages with around 250 people each week through its weekly activities which includes a charity shop, TANGO Lunch Clubs (Together As Neighbours Giving Out), Pastoral Care, Debt Counselling, Back to Work Advice and Saturday Worship.”

Right: photos from last year's event