Church and School Partnership Award for Highfield St Matthew

The Bishop of Warrington visited Highfield St Matthew CE Primary School to present a Church and School Partnership Award.

The Bishop of Warrington, the Rt. Rev. Richard Blackburn, visited Highfield St Matthew CE Primary School to present a Church and School Partnership Award.

The Bishop, who is also the Chair of the Board of Education for the Diocese of Liverpool and of which St Matthew’s is a part, presented the award to St Matthew’s Church and School at a special assembly.

The award is given to schools and churches that can demonstrate a proven record of working together. St Matthew’s School and church have developed joint worship sessions, which involve the Vicar of Highfield, the Rev. Bob Pearson, joining staff and pupils for services partly led by the children. Parents are also invited to attend Holy Communion with their children.

The church and school have also taken part in shared projects such as creating a wall mural in the school, working together on the flower festival, and starting a joint choir.

Headteacher of St Matthew’s Elaine Tyrrell said, “One of the main things that has come out of this award is the way that our children and the church have developed a joint way of working. The children have also developed a great sense of purpose about their prayer and are happy and proud to be part of a Christian school and community. They tell us that that really value how School and Church prepares them for their journey in life beyond primary school.”

Rev Bob Pearson added, “St Matthew’s church and school have had a very long and happy relationship built over many years. This award is a way of giving deserved acknowledgment to those who work hard on a day-to-day basis to promote Christian values in our church, school and community. Church members, School Governors, Parochial Church Council (PCC) members and school staff have all been involved in working together to help with the communication and the cross-over of ideas and aims.”

The Bishop of Warrington said, “This award showcases the fantastic partnership between St Matthew’s church and school. All schools within the diocese strive to achieve a balance of academic and spiritual education, one that sets our students up to become productive, forward-thinking and responsible citizens. I am particularly impressed by the way that the work of St Matthew’s church is seamlessly integrated into the work of the school and vice versa; the two have become one with a common aim to educate the students academically and spiritually. I am extremely happy that this strong relationship between the two, which church and school have continued to build on over the years, can be recognised in this way.”