Church and School Partnership Award for Christ Church Padgate

Bishop Richard visited the school recently to present a Church and School Partnership Award.

Article kindly supplied by Edward Collinson, Chair of Governors at Christ Church Primary School

Bishop Richard recently visited Christ Church C of E Primary School, Padgate, to mark the achievement of the Church and School Partnership Award. 

The Award is in recognition of our Church and School links in Worship and Prayer Life, Ministry, Activities Together and use of buildings. Supporting the growth of Biblical knowledge and the practice of the Christian way of life in the school is a vital part of the Church’s mission outreach to young people in the area who are encouraged to become Church members and to take an active part in Church life.

After arriving the Bishop chatted with school staff, Governors and parishioners over coffee.

The school hall was packed for a special assembly, with children filling the floor and staff and visitors seated along the sides.

Ian Williams’ (Headteacher) theme was “Working Together” – illustrated by three examples where co-operation was necessary to solve problems, well demonstrated by pupils with support and suggestions from the young audience.

Pupils received award certificates on behalf of both the Church and school from the Bishop who thanked everyone for such a thought provoking assembly.

Afterwards children showed the Bishop round their classrooms and had a lively question and answer session with Year Six. He concluded his visit by enjoying a school dinner and commented on the good standard of food.

It was grand day!