Make Christ part of your Christmas Tradition

Churches Together in the Merseyside Region unveil poster campaign for Christmas 2014. Get your church involved in showing how Christmas starts with Christ.

Churches Together in the Merseyside Region with Together for the Harvest and other church partners are supporting the national Christmas starts with Christ Campaign with a unique poster that shows how Christ can be part of everyone’s Christmas tradition.

We are funding a campaign across the local bus and rail network and supplying posters and artwork that you can use for you church. Together we can show the people of Merseyside that Christmas starts with Christ and Christ can be part of their Christmas tradition.

We have commissioned special artwork that is designed to reflect and encourage the idea that most people build family traditions around Christmas.
We have also funded poster sites in Liverpool’s Central station and on the local bus network. A campaign, starting at  the beginning of advent, designed so the maximum number of people will see that Christmas starts with Christ. We aim this to be the start. We want the campaign to build and grow
over the next 3 to 5 years. We want more people to know that Christmas starts with Christ. We can achieve some of this ourselves - but we can achieve much more if we all work together.

The main way you can be involved is to display the poster and image. Put it on your noticeboard, your service sheets, your invitations. By September we will have free resources on our website and should be able to announce how you can get discounts on printing our own high quality material.
We’ll be delighted if you can donate money to fund more advertising.

We can help you buy a poster for your local bus stop. Or you can contribute to more adverts on the network.We will also look to have plenty of creative fun on social media as we show that Christ can be part of everyone’s Christmas tradition - no matter what that tradition is.
To find out how you can get involved contact:
Stuart Haynes, Director of Communications
0151 705 2150