Christmas starts with Christ

That’s the message of the first ever Christmas radio advertising campaign to be launched by churches across the Merseyside region.

The Diocese of Liverpool has joined with the Salvation Army, the United Reformed Church, the Methodist church, Together for the Harvest and the Free Church Council (which represents Baptists, United Reform Church, Independent Methodists, Salvation Army and Methodists), in funding two radio adverts.

The adverts, which will be broadcast on Radio City and City Talk from December 18th, offer a humorous take on the traditional Christmas story in a bid to help people remember the true meaning of Christmas.

One advert takes the form of a Christmas chart rundown, using song titles to share the Christmas story and the other takes the form of commentary on a police car chase.

Research done this year revealed that 85 per cent of people agree with the statement that "Christmas should be called Christmas because we are still a Christian country." However, research also shows that only 12 per cent of adults know the Christmas story in any detail – and the figure drops to just 7 per cent among 18-24 year olds.

Mike Highton from the Salvation Army commented “we want people to enjoy Christmas but in amongst the celebrations, presents and parties we think it is important that everyone remembers the true message of this time; that Christmas starts with Christ”.

The churches have supported this campaign to encourage people across the region to consider exploring the true story of Christmas this year. And where better to do that than in one of our local churches.

Mike Highton said “every church, no matter what its denomination or background will be making an extra special effort to celebrate Christmas this year. It’s a truly spiritual time of the year and I would invite anyone to visit their local church or congregation and find where Christmas is starting with Christ.”

Phil Jump from the Free Church Council added: “This has not been an easy year for our nation, and I hope that this campaign might remind people that at the very heart of the Christmas season lies a message of hope that can lift us beyond our world’s crises and struggles. The humour and fun of the adverts emphasise that the true message of Christmas does not need to stand in opposition to a season of joy and celebration but provides a solid reason for it to be so.”

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