'Childrenswork' - magazine review by Sue Mitchell

Children's and Family Missioner Sue Mitchell reviews new magazine resource 'Childrenswork'. Find out what she thinks of it here.

Review - Childrenswork magazine

The new and very welcome resource “Childrenswork” is a dedicated magazine for all those working with children, whether based in a Church or a school. The magazine is produced by Martin Saunders, former editor of the Youthwork magazine and Sam Donoghue, Children’s Advisor for the Diocese of London. They believe strongly that children’s work isn’t youth work's poor, less-fashionable cousin, but is a distinct and crucial ministry to the church.

Each issue of the magazine contains creative ideas, feature articles and spiritual support for children’s leaders, as well as an article by a respected voice in the world of Children’s ministry today.

It is an excellent, much-needed resource that not only helps volunteers with the practical issues such a craft ideas and storytelling, but also provides in-depth articles that enables both volunteers and church leaders to really think about where they are going with this vital ministry of the church.

Each edition of the magazine provides two all-age service outlines giving new ways to communicate effectively to the whole church family. It is not only practical but informative; the focus is on working with children up to the age of eleven, although many of the items included could also be used for slightly older age groups.

This is not a teaching resource, although it does provide a wealth of creative ideas for use. It is a resource to keep those involved in children’s ministry inspired, up to date with news and events, it showcases ideas, thoughts and opinions of people we may never meet or listen to, an invitation to be challenged and inspired.

A magazine such as this has long been needed; Childrenswork magazine will really help to resource and reinvigorate your work with children.

The magazine is bi-monthly and a year’s subscription is £16.00
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