Children's ministry is vital if we want our faith in God to be passed onto the next generation.

We interviewed Mark Chester from 'Who Let The Dads Out?' as one of the key speakers for the Life Call children's ministry event.

Q. Why did you agree to speak at this event?

I am passionate about the importance of outreach to children and families, and I believe that we should all be exploring what God is calling us to do. I also love the city of Liverpool! How could I resist?!

Q. Who will benefit from coming?

Those who know they are called to work with children and families, or people who just want to consider whether God may be calling them in that direction – or anybody who just wants a fun evening out!

Q. You’re behind “who let the dad’s out?” what is that all about?

Who Let The Dads Out? is a growing movement of churches which are reaching out to specifically engage with fathers and their children, primarily through Saturday morning parent and toddler groups. I will explain much more about Who Let The Dads Out? at the event.

Q. Why is children’s ministry so important?

It is vital if we want our faith in God to be passed onto the next generation.

Q. The recent CofE report from anecdote to evidence highlights engaging with children and young people as a priority. How should we be responding to this agenda?

We should identify the children and young people we already engage with and really work hard at ensuring we demonstrate and communicate God’s love for them. We should also consider if there are ways we could create opportunities to support other children and young people.

Q. What makes a good Children’s minister?

Someone who has a heart for children.

Q. How did you know you were called to work with Children?

I searched for my calling for a long time, and then I became a father. It quickly became clear to me, primarily through the influence of a friend who mentored me and a growing strength of feeling, that I was called to be the best father I could be and help others to be good fathers too.

Q. What excites you about working with children?

I believe that the relationships between fathers, father figures and their children are socially and spiritually significant and that the impact of good father and child relationships can strengthen families and communities and create the best conditions for faith in God to be passed from one generation to the next.

Q. You have a passion for seeing men involved in this ministry. Why?

I believe that all men are father figures to all children and we must accept the responsibility to be good role models, roll our sleeves up and get involved.

Q. What are you looking forward to at this event?

I love meeting people who are open-hearted and enthusiastic, and there are plenty in Liverpool!