Child Friendly Church Award for All Hallows, Allerton

Congratulations to All Hallows, Allerton who were awarded a Child Friendly Church Award in July

Geoff Pinnington, Local Missional Leader, presented the award at their special parade service on July 12th. Geoff said "it was a joy to be able to share in their worship." 

Child Friendly Church Award's aims to encourage and enable churches to provide children with the very best possible experience of church, and involve children in the liturgy from as early an age as possible. The award started in the Diocese of Liverpool and has been rolled out by dioceses across the country.

Sue Mitchell, Children & Families Missioner said: “This award is based on the statement that our churches are ‘journeying together for the growth of God’s family’. The process of becoming child friendly also has the knock-on effect of bringing the whole congregation together, as everyone is encouraged to think about what gifts and talents they can use to help their church grow in other ways too.”