Book Review - Common Worship: A Pastoral Ministry Companion

Sue Lucas, Secretary to the Diocesan Liturgy and Worship forum reviews Common Worship: A Pastoral Ministry Companion.

Common Worship: A Pastoral Ministry Companion
(Church House Publishing 2012: forthcoming)

Review by Sue Lucas, secretary to the Diocesan Liturgy and Worship forum.

The purpose of this forthcoming volume is to bring together in one place texts already available elsewhere in the Common Worship library, particularly in Pastoral Services and Christian Initiation. It is intended to provide a portable single volume, bringing these texts together in appropriate liturgical forms that can easily be used by clergy and other ministers involved pastoral care in the community.

Pastoral care of those who are elderly or sick, bereaved, dying or troubled, and of those who, for whatever reason, are unable regularly to attend public worship is a core part of parish ministry, and increasingly, of those in other forms of public ministry, perhaps particularly sector ministry. This new volume will provide a helpful additional resource for ordained and lay ministers. It includes texts from the Book of Common Prayer and in traditional language, and it is useful to have these to hand in offering pastoral care to those for whom the BCP represents their natural liturgical home.

The rubrics in the liturgies themselves are both clear and flexible, and the notes at the end provide concise yet thorough guidance about canonical authorization of the texts. All in all, this is a welcome addition to the Common Worship library.

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