Bishop a Barista for Christian Aid Week

The Bishop of Warrington tried his hand as a barista to support Christian Aid Week.

The Bishop of Warrington tried his hand as a barista this week to raise awareness of how small-scale coffee farmers in Nicaragua have been supported by Christian Aid to work their way out of poverty.

Bishop Richard Blackburn learnt to make lattes and cappuccinos at the Coffee Shop Liverpool Cathedral on Monday May 16 at the start of Christian Aid Week (15-21 May). It is hoped that the event will draw attention to the way in which support from Christian Aid has helped to change the lives of thousands of people in Nicaragua by helping farmers to get a fair price for their coffee, thus enabling them to access education and healthcare for their families.

Bishop Richard Blackburn said: "I am delighted to be taking part in this pre-Christian Aid Week call to action once again. The story of the coffee farmers in Nicaragua is one of hope. It shows how our actions can help to support thousands of people around the world work their way out of poverty.

"It is wonderful to see Christian Aid working through local partners in some of the poorest parts of the world to bring about positive change in people's lives. Here in Liverpool we too can make a difference by supporting the work that Christian Aid does."

Across Liverpool, Christian Aid supporters take part in house-to-house collections and other fundraising events in Christian Aid Week.

Nationally more than 150,000 supporters collect during the week, which raised more than £13 million for the charity in 2010.

Linda McClintock-Tiongco, Regional Manger for Christian Aid in the North West, said: "It really is wonderful to see the positive difference that money raised by people here in the UK makes to the lives of people around the world.

"We hope that during Christian Aid Week, the photo call with Bishop Richard will help people to remember the importance of the red envelope that drops through their letterbox during this week, and the work that we are doing to bring about positive change to some of the world's poorest communities."