Bishop Richard welcomes Baptism Conference

The Bishop of Warrington is encouraging all those with a passion for liturgy to attend the Baptism Conference on November 23rd.

As preparations are fully in place by the Liturgy and Worship Forum for this year's conference on Baptism Bishop Richard has urged all those with a passion for liturgy to attend.

Our diocese placed a successful motion before General Synod last year which looked at changing some key elements of the baptism liturgy. We have a liturgy that is rich in the imagery of the bible. But for many unchurched families that richness is lost and the experience can be unwelcoming and alienating. Liverpool aims to change that - and this conference is the next step in that change.

By coming along you will:-
  • hear from experts in the field - Rev Dr Anders Bergquist from the Liturgical Commission and Dr Sandra Millar from the Baptism Project.
  • be able to reflect on how the new texts will help us offer more accessible services.
  • reflect on the wide experience in our diocese.
  • consider the theological background to the new texts
  • discuss how they may be best incorporated into current practice.
In the run up to this conference we will be commissioning research into current practice in our diocese. We aim to reveal the results at this conference. We will then start looking to how some of our parishes can be involved in pilotiing the new texts.

Bishop Richard said "Baptism is a pivotal moment in many families’ lives and a God given opportunity for our church to reach out. A well constructed baptism liturgy can create a welcoming service and memorable occasion for all. That’s why I want those with a passion for liturgy to come to this conference, hear how the new forms are shaping up and together see how we can use baptism more effectively to reach our communities.

"Jesus commanded us to baptise all nations, let’s use this conference to look at Baptism afresh."

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Conference Tickets

The Baptism Conference takes place on November 23rd 9am to 1pm at Hope University

Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite via the button below.

Eventbrite - Bishop Richard’s Conference on Baptism 

For further information contact
0151 705 2120

Day costs £6 & booking is essential - If you want to use your Diocesan Training Grant then let us know.

Please let us know of any special requirements.