Bishop Richard takes part in End Hunger Fast

Bishop Richard, The Bishop of Warrington will be fasting today as he seeks to raise awareness of food poverty in our region.

Food banks around the UK are reporting that the number of people needing food aid is still rising, as the poorest miss out on the economic recovery. Over half of people using food banks have been put in that situation by cut backs to, and failures in, the benefit system – whether it be payment delays or punitive sanctions.

In response to this, food bank volunteers, church groups and poverty activists around the UK have united to launch End Hunger Fast. The grassroots campaign brings people from across the country together to call on the Government to meet its duty of care to UK citizens and take immediate action on welfare, wages and food markets – three of the biggest contributors to the problem.

Supporting church groups, many of whom are also involved with running food banks, plan to sign up thousands of supporters for a national day of fasting of which Bishop Richard is a part. More at

The Bishop, who has been concerned of the plight of those who struggle to feed themselves and their families said, “the scandal of food poverty is something churches across our diocese tackle daily. End Hunger Fast is a wakeup call to society, politicians and leaders that we can no longer get away with tackling the symptoms of food poverty. Now is the time to properly protect the vulnerable from being failed by a society that should have resources to make sure no one goes hungry.”

Figures published by leading food aid charity Trussell Trust reveal that between April and December last year, 32,000 people in our region were fed by Trussell Trust foodbanks. Nationally, this figure was over 600,000. Adding to this picture is the steep rise in malnutrition admissions to local hospitals. Nationally admissions are up from 3,000 to 5,500 since 2008.