Bishop Paul starts to get to know our diocese

The incoming Bishop of Liverpool went on a whistlestop tour of parts of our diocese ahead of his installation tomorrow. The tour built on his understanding of what we do which started when his appointment was announced in Liverpool and Wigan.

Clearly he couldn’t see everywhere on a tour which covered a variety of places and ministries across our region but it's the start of a process of getting to know us as the Bishop starts his public minisitry following his installation on November 15th. Bishop Paul was able to see a variety of ministries in a range of contexts covering a range of churches. And of course if would not have been complete without a chance to watch his favourite football team - who marked the occaison by presenting him with his own team shirt.

Bishop Paul, a supporter of the mixed economy of church we are working hard on in our diocese will reflect that as following his installation in the splendour of our cathedral he will be  worshipping with a small fresh expression in Warrington on Nov 16th at what marks the end of a busy week.

Bishop Paul said "this has been a remarkable tour and I'm grateful for all of those who allowed me to intrude on their busy lives as I begin to get to know the Diocese of Liverpool. As Bishop of Liverpool it is easy for many outside the Church to think I am simply the Bishop for the city. Vital as our city is, I'm well aware that two-thirds of the people in the diocese live in our other communities. So it was important for me to spend time across the region. This has whetted my appetite and I am keen over the coming weeks and months to get to know more and more of you and the marvellous work being done in every community across our diocese."

The tour took in St Helens, Southport, Crosby, Warrington, Widnes and Ormskirk over four days. With so many highlights we can only give a summary. 
Day one - St Helens
The week started in St Helens where Bishop Paul found out about the church working in partnership with others to support the homeless and other vulnerable people in the town. In the company of the Area Dean and others he spoke to civic leaders and ended the day with a great visit to the World of Glass where he turned his hand to a spot of glass blowing.
Day two - Southport and Crosby
Following a private visit to Peterhouse School for Autistic Children the Bishop dropped in on the town's Foodbank before visiting the local Christian Booke Centre. Then it was off to Crosby where following lunch with a dementia support group Bishop Paul found out about the work of In Another Place  and giving Giant puppetry a go.
Day three - Warrington and Widnes
Starting with Eucharist at a primary school set up a busy, varied day that saw Bishop Paul witness a demonstration of a car rescue from the fire service as well as seeing the work of Warrington hospital. He also met a variety of Christians working in different contexts in Widnes.
Day four - Ormskirk
The tour ended with the Bishop seeing "his team", Ormskirk West End Juniors training but before that he had a varied day see the chaplaincy work at HMP Kennet before spening time meeting staff and students on the campus at Edge Hill in the company of the multi-faith chaplaincy. He also was able to see the work of Oaks Church, a plant in Sklemersdale.

News & Events

Bishop Paul's Installation

The Installation of the 8th Bishop of Liverpool takes place at the cathedral. Don't forget that it is a ticket only occasion with congregation members needed to be in the seats by 2:15pm. Parking will be limited around the cathedral so please park elsewhere if you can.

Bishop Paul will be walking to the cathedral from Liverpool One in the company of Docesan Synod members as he prepares to share with them the leadership of our diocese.