Bishop Paul shares his story ahead of Vocations Sunday

Bishop Paul shared his own vocation story with the Church of England this week. How for him there is nothing better to do than to get alongside people in their need and in their joy.

Free online resources

A new set of resources is available for churches to think and pray about God’s call on our lives.

The Resource Pack includes sermon plans, worship ideas, dramas, reflections, art, small group studies and courses – you can find it here.

The main vocations resources page also has a wide range of articles, bright ideas and other downloads. 

Vocations isn’t just for Vocations Sunday

You can talk about God’s call on all of our lives any Sunday and any day of the year. Take a look at the resources to consider where you could use them best in your church, school or worshipping community.

Get in touch with Simon Chesters, Director of Vocations if you would like a guest preacher to come and talk about vocation and calling.

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