Bishop Paul on how Hidden Houses of Prayer event can enrich your spiritual life

Hidden Houses can really resource the spiritual wellbeing of our diocese

As he pursues and promotes our diocesan vision, asking God for a bigger church to make a bigger difference, Bishop Paul has a concern. Our efforts to grow are important but they are nothing without our own discipleship. That’s why among the people of the Diocese we are looking for 10,000 “card-carrying disciples" and why in the new year he will be encouraging all in the Diocese to “carry the card” by signing up to a rule of life.

In anticipation of this, the Bishop is keen to encourage us to look at different ways to develop our spiritual lives. You will regularly hear him encouraging us, as we say the Lord’s Prayer, to remember that we are praying alongside tens of thousands of others in the Diocese, and as together with the Diocesan team he continues to look for ways that we can grow in our discipleship.

Attending the Hidden Houses of Prayer event is one such way. The event’s organiser Philip Roderick and Bishop Paul go back a long way, and so Bishop Paul was delighted to be asked to speak at the event and strongly encourages others to come along.

“Hidden Houses can really resource the spiritual wellbeing of our diocese” explains the bishop. “I am honoured to be speaking alongside Phillip and Clare, offering my own thoughts on some of the ways we can encourage one another in prayer”.

Taking place in the Lady Chapel of our Cathedral, the conference will be a simple, practical encouragement to our diocese to pray.

“I know that so many people right across our Diocese are simply and quietly praying,” says Bishop Paul. “And that gives great hope and encouragement. But many of us still find prayer intimidating and difficult. To those I say, ‘Come along. We will work with you and alongside you to help you become part of a beautiful network of prayer that changes so many lives’.”

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Hidden Houses of Prayer

Saturday 28th October - 10am to 4pm
Liverpool Cathedral