Bishop Paul continues preparations for Installation Service and his public ministry

Bishop Paul Bayes will continue his preparations for the service of Installation on Saturday November 15th with a tour around parts of our diocese from Monday 10th November. Bishop Paul wants to get to know our diocese as he starts his public ministry as the Bishop of Liverpool, and this tour will be an opportunity for him to visit some of the places he hasn’t seen yet.

A couple of months ago, Bishop Paul’s appointment was announced at North Liverpool Foodbank followed by a visit to Wigan. The tour over the first four days of next week will see the Bishop carry out a number of public and private engagements in other parts of the diocese. It builds on a number of private meetings Bishop Paul has been holding with civic leaders, ecumenical colleagues and others as he works to gain a fuller understanding of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

There will be many highlights to the week which will see Bishop Paul drop into St Helens, Warrington, Southport, Ormskirk, Skelmersdale and Crosby to visit Christians who are making a difference in their communities. He will also take the opportunity to watch his nominated football team – Ormskirk West End Under 8s - at one of their training sessions.

Bishop Paul said “It’s so important for me to get to know the Diocese of Liverpool and all its wonders and delights if I'm to be an effective bishop, shepherd and pastor. Next week I am looking forward to meeting a wide range of people and seeing something of the richness of our diocese and region. As I go I will be praying for all who live, work and visit our area.  This tour is just the start. I am acutely aware of how much I need to learn as I seek to lead our diocese in growth and mission, and I am determined to meet, listen and observe more and more over the coming months.

From the little I’ve seen already, I know that the Diocese of Liverpool is an amazing place with highly committed people tirelessly serving their communities and making a big difference. We are respected both by our secular partners and by our friends from all denominations and faiths. I’m grateful to God for the credibility and influence that my predecessors and their colleagues over the years have established here. I don’t take it lightly, and I want to see the church continue to work to earn the respect of society through its faithfulness to Jesus and its service to our whole community.”

Following the Bishop’s installation at Liverpool Cathedral on November 15th, Bishop Paul will mark his first day by worshipping with one of our newest fresh expressions of church. Bishop Paul commented “The Diocese of Liverpool is richly creative in its expressions and traditions of church. I want to experience as much as possible as early as possible.”

We will report on the tour in next week’s Bulletin and you can follow progress on Facebook and Twitter #bishopstour