Bishop Paul's letter on Archdeaconry boundaries

Following our informal consultation on the new Archdeaconry Boundaries we have sent out the formal letters to those who we have to consult with. Here, you can read the Bishop of Liverpool's letter explaining how these proposals will make us Fit for Mission.

Dear friends
As you know, my hope and my vision is that God might shape us to be part of a bigger church making a bigger difference. That has always meant creating a church that is fit for mission. It points us toward a church that is well led and that is organised in such a way that the focus and energy of your local church can be on the worship of God, the sharing of the Gospel and the service of your community.
All this is what lies behind the consultation. Together as a Diocese we plan to reorganise archdeaconry boundaries so that our new Archdeacons will have the time to support the church in mission. These plans need formal consent. They should not be new to you. We have debated them, prayed over them and consulted about them together. Our Diocesan Synod has approved the ideas in outline and Archdeacon Ricky has sent out an informal consultation to gain your thoughts.
I am delighted by the level of support we have received for these proposals. We have received some helpful comments about some details around some of the boundaries. We have taken these comments on board and made minor changes to improve the proposals, which we put before you now.
Together with my colleagues, I believe the details of the scheme and the map of the proposed boundary changes are self-explanatory. If you have any questions or further comments on the details then please contact Archdeacon Ricky, Bishop Richard or my own office. We will happily give time to talk to you about these proposals.
I am confident that these proposals represent the right way forward for a Diocese seeking to become fit for mission. I was delighted to meet, and appoint, three Archdeacon Designates who will work alongside me, Bishop Richard and Archdeacon Ricky as we aim to equip and support your church. These are able and gifted priests whose ministry will enrich us all. If they are to do the job we believe they are called to, we need to complete these changes in the shape of their Archdeaconries. 
Thank you again for your partnership in the Gospel. I hope that you will then be able, like me, to support and embrace them as the right way forward for our Diocese as we seek God’s strength to pursue His mission.
With every blessing in the ministry we share,

I am confident that these proposals represent the right way forward for a Diocese seeking to become fit for mission

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The consultation process

We have carried out wide informal consultations but we now enter the formal period which has strong rules over who can be consulted.

All those who are included in the formal process will have received this letter with all the proposals clearly set out for them. If you have not received these proposals then you are not part of the formal consultation process. 

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