Bishop James asks what will you treasure most this Christmas?

The Bishop of Liverpool, the Rt Revd James Jones will highlight Jesus’ passion for justice in his Christmas Day sermon.

 Reflecting on one of the questions of the day, would Jesus have joined the St Paul’s protest, the Bishop answers “No, Life was too short. Especially his. He put his passion into action until the authorities turned his action into passion”. The Bishop also states he would pitch his tent “in Liverpool where Jesus would feel very much at home.”

At a time when the “economic crisis deepens and threatens the wellbeing and way of life of countless people” the Bishop states that “the rich and poor are found at the nativity and come together in the Christmas story.”

The Bishop reflects on what the Holy Family might have done with the Wise Men’s gifts but states that what Mary treasured, as recorded in Luke 2:19, was “the words of the angels through the voice of the shepherds”. Bishop James then challenges us saying “On this day of celebration and gift giving it’s worth pondering in our heart, as seriously as Mary pondered in her own heart, what we ourselves will treasure most – the presents or the words?”

The Bishop then lists the words that he ponders on why he believed in God “Creation, Conscience, Commandments, Covenant of Love, the Course of history, Christ, the Cross, Communion, the Canon of scripture and the Church”. He states they “bore down upon my soul like those words from the angels, those words from heaven, these words from God. I began to treasure them and ponder them in my heart.”

Finally the Bishop challenges people to think about what is more important, possessions or the word of God. Imagining a dream, where you are carrying “all you’ve ever owned in your life” and angel tries to put a message from God into your hands, the Bishop says “the only way you can take it is to let go of all that you possess. You are caught between the fear of losing all and the treasure the angel offers

“at that moment you wake up. Which would you have chosen?”

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