Bishop David pays tribute to Bishop James

Bishop David gives thanks at Synod for +James' service and commitment over his 10 year ministry in the Liverpool Diocese.

Address to Diocesan Synod

Today is a really special day in the life of this diocese as we give thanks to God for his 10 years as our bishop.

We give thanks for your deep commitment to Christ, which shows itself in your care for this city and the diocese. In the city for your work in regeneration, leading to the establishment of St. Francis's Academy, one of the first in the country to give young people that opportunity of a good education in a joint Anglican/Roman Catholic school. For being truly the bishop for the city at moments of joy, the winning of the Capital of Culture award and of disaster, like the death of Rhys Jones. Of your ability to put the Gospel over with clarity because of your love and knowledge of the scriptures and with those memorable phrases, whether from the pulpit here or doing Thought for the Day. We give thanks for your leadership of the diocese, of the clear vision that you've given, of the encouragement to experiment, your preparedness to take risks and to make tough decisions. Alongside all this we are glad of your work on the environment, the House of Lords and the prisons of this land, where we know that you bring the knowledge that you gain here in the diocese onto a wider canvas and then there are the innumerable personal kindnesses to individuals, the letters that you write and so much that is hidden from the public view but widely and deeply appreciated.

In all of this, over these 10 years, you have been wonderfully supported by Sarah, especially as hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people have flowed through your home – for she is the great party giver and we are all in your debt for that hospitality which binds us together as a diocese and means that there is so much fun and laughter.

So on this day we give thanks to God for your ministry amongst us and pray for the years ahead as you lead us in His name and in the service of all the people in this great Diocese of Liverpool.

© The Bishop of Warrington
November 2008