Bible Alive Week inspires and engages pupils of St Thomas C of E School, Lydiate

Inspired by Bishop Richard’s challenge to bring the Bible Alive in 2014, St Thomas’ school held a special Bible focused week in November.

We spoke to Head Teacher Mrs Ann Lock after seeing a copy of the book of photographs the school had produced for the children. Ann said “We had previously held a special Bible week in 2011 which was successful but this time we wanted to capture some of the lovely events that we had planned and compile it into a book of photographs so that the children could be reminded of all their great ideas. We decided to send a copy of the booklet to Bishop Richard as an encouragement to him and to thank him for giving us the motivation to do this in the first place.”

The aim of the Bible Alive week was to simply share the Bible in fresh new ways and deliver familiar and new stories through other subject areas such as literacy, art, drama and discussions. “We wanted to help the children to see that the Bible is the living word of God and that it is entirely relevant for everyone, young and old.” Ann continues. “All of the teachers engaged with this idea and used the Bible as a basis for their curriculum planning throughout the week. We had a number of different visitors from our parish church, St Thomas' plus other local churches nearby which really helped to bring the Bible alive!”

The week of activities certainly produced some great photos that the school have kindly shared with us. Take a look at the gallery on the right to see some of the photos featured in the booklet. Ann also collated some comments from the children and staff who participated in the Bible Alive week in their own words:

“it was a brilliant idea and we should definitely do it again.” Ryan Pouton and Eva Ashton, both pupils from Year 2

“It was really good especially having lots of visitors in school which helped to engage the children.”  Mr Michael Hughes, Y1 teacher.

“The children really responded to the dramatisation of some Bible stories in his class such as the "Widow's Mite". This not only helped the pupils to learn more Bible stories but also helped develop their literacy skills too.” Mr Ward, Y5 Teacher.