Bible Alive Readathon in full swing

The Bible Alive readathon is in full swing across the diocese. With each Deanary organising their own events, it is great to receive your stories of how your parish got involved.

Revd Francis Briscoe attended a readerthon event at St Lukes Formby and shared her experience with us. The Readers in the parish arranged the event, reading the Ezek.27-33 section. They had carefuly divided the 15 minute slots into smaller slots with 2, 3 or 4 people reading appropriate sections illustrated by maps & pictures on a screen. NRSV bibles were supplied for the congregation to follow. There was a break of a few minutes between each 15 minute section with tea or coffee & mouth-watering cakes on offer. 

Francis said "All those who attended were full of praise. It made us sit & read chapters we might easily have skimmed through in normal circumstances & many commented on how similar was the situation in the Middle East then to what it is now. It was also felt to have deepened the sense of fellowship. People went out enthusiastically suggesting a repeat performance at some time in the future! If others are as encouraging as this one the Bishop has cause to be pleased!!" 

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