Archdeacon Parish Reviews

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Our Archdeacons are currently embarking on a series of meetings to help Church Wardens reflect on vital aspects of their work.

The meetings are based on the idea that by having ongoing regular conversations with Church Wardens, more time and energy can be put into looking forward in mission.

The meetings will reflect on a number of areas surrounding the good management of parishes and wardens’ role in leading the parish in its mission and ministry.

Inevitably there will be practical considerations but as time progresses we hope that these will have been made easier to deal with.

The practical considerations are discussed in a form that wardens will receive ahead of their meeting.

This looks at areas such as the Growth Planning Framework and Parish Dashboard as well as the Quinquennial. It also provides a checklist for making sure wardens know where everything that falls into their areas of responsibility are – registers, policy documents and insurance documents for example.

If you have any questions about these meetings please contact Judith Del Ry.
Tel: 0151 705 2144