Meet our new deacons

Adam Maynard

Most of my background has involved flipping between University and church work.  I volunteered for a church during a gap year before moving on to do an Arabic and Middle East Studies degree at St Andrews.  Immediately prior to ordination training I worked as a children’s worker for a church in North London for three years, before returning to University at Durham to do a Theology degree.

Bizarrely, given my experience working for churches, it was whilst studying Arabic that I felt called into ministry.  Whilst on a semester abroad in Israel/Palestine, I experienced the presence of Jesus powerfully through sharing the experience of life under occupation and the threat of violence.  I was convicted of the life-changing teaching of Jesus and I came to the firm commitment that I could not separate my faith from how I lived my life, including my career choices.  It is this that both excited and challenged me as I considered exploring ministry.

I am passionate about encouraging and enabling the church to realise the coming Kingdom of God in its communal life, particularly in its social aspects.  I want to cultivate with others a culture that recognises the radical equality of all people in God’s sight and the deeper levels of love, trust and service he calls us to in our relationships with each other and our local communities.

I will be serving in Christ Church, Norris Green.  Christ Church no longer has a church building and so is completely embedded into the fabric of the local community.  I am looking forward to experiencing the opportunities and challenges that arise from this different shape of parish ministry, particularly as Christ Church seeks to serve the needs of this dense residential area.

Having just moved in, I am not dwelling too much on the future at the moment!!! However, I do hope that, through this curacy, we as a whole family will have our collective life, gifts and passions challenged and nurtured.