A time of peace and rest

It is very important for our spiritual and mental wellbeing to take a break. The time before Christmas, advent, is set aside in the church’s calendar to be that time of reflection. A time when as we think about the coming of Christmas.

We talk a lot about waiting. The bible talks a lot about waiting because waiting is an important gift to us all. There’s an old phrase the best things come to those who wait which reminds us that that time of preparation is important.

Today we don’t want to wait. We go about our days in a headlong rush of trying to get the next thing done. We can’t even pause for our Christmas celebrations as we are running scared of missing those boxing days’ bargains. Many of us feel under pressure from others to join that rush. We don’t have to but we do it to one another. The need for businesses to open longer and to be more responsive because, if we’re not,  others will be. The desire to get the new gadget, toy before anyone else does. This rush sweeps us all up in its wake and positively damages those who are vulnerable and have not go the ability or resources to resist.

Pausing. Waiting. Slowing. Stopping. It’s a gift. A gift as precious as the gift of Jesus that Christmas morning when the world stopped and everything changed. So this Christmas I urge you to find that most ancient of gifts. To pause. Take time for yourself and those around you. It costs nothing but it can mean everything.

I wish you all a very happy Christmas.

Bishop Richard