A new dialogue on our Common Worship

Bishop Richard senses it's time for an ongoing converstaion about the role of liturgy after Common Worship conference.

Bishop Richard has called for an ongoing debate on the role of liturgy in our diocese following our highly successful conference last Saturday.

Over 120 delegates, from all traditions, converged on Hope University to hear and discuss the viewpoints of Bishop Graham Cray and Dr Allison Millbank as they looked at our Common Worship, Our Common Life

Bishop Richard said “This conference has opened up an interesting dialogue on the role of liturgy in our diocese. It clearly showed the value of our common worship life and I was pleased to see positive conversations between those from different traditions in our church. I look forward to seeing how this debate progresses over the next few years”

Speaking to conference organisers it is clear that the day was very well received with a sense of collegiality on the day. Delegates were certainly looking for where they could find common ground in the debate. This was equally true on the main platform where the speakers, who have expressed differing views in the past, found many areas in which they agreed.

Allison clearly expressed why a sense of commonality was important to her. In an era when the public common is under threat she made strong links between the idea of common worship and the concept of common land.

Some clear differences remain. Importantly the issue of enculturation and how far culture should shape us or be shaped by us as we seek to share the gospel afresh in 21st Century Britain divided opinion.

But, as Bishop Richard stated, the conversation has started and it is an important one to continue. The Liturgy and Worship forum chaired by our liturgical adviser Neil Kelley will be helping facilitate the debate over the next few years exploring how we can take the themes forward and work this out in practice in our diocese.