A great insight to the way boys learn and interact

Last Saturday saw the first 'Open the Box' event of 2015 - Boys, God and the Church held at All Saints church, Stoneycroft.

The event was focused on how to meet the needs of boys within Children's Ministry. 

Workshops included 'Making our ministry boy-friendly' with Nick Harding, exploring suggestions and ideas to help boys engaged with the Bible, pray and get excited about God. 'Football, family and faith' with Mark Chester was asking how can we use the language and principles of football to keep boys, their fathers/father figures engaged with church and help them to understand the bible? 'Can't sit still' with Daniel Driver explored ways of using boy's energy and enthusiasm to engage with God. 
'Beyond the Bravado' with Emma O'Hagan focused on the roots of challenging behaviour and how we can bring out boys best.

Rev Gill Pinnington South Liverpool Area Dean said.

"Three leaders came to the 'open the box' event from Speke. We are really trying to make a difference to the way we can work with children and we need all the help we can get; we know that we need to think again about how we reach out to boys so they can engage with God.

Each of us were inspired by the venue to start with as looking round a different church gives us ideas which can help us in our situation.

The Keynote speaker Nick Harding was thought provoking and informative - you would not fall asleep when he was bouncing around. Great background  to the way boys learn and interact.

The market place was great, full of information where you could gather the right help for your church.

The other sessions we went to were fun and action packed .The session about boys and football was excellent. There was lots of opportunity for discussion and questions. 

On the way home we chatted about what we could do in our church. We certainly came away with food for thought. When people have given up a precious Saturday morning it's great to have been to a really 'user friendly' event which is actually going to help us with our ministry to children. Thank you!"