Bishop Paul invites you to help support young refugees

A letter from Bishop Paul inviting those who come into contact with young refugees in your day-to-day work to a free training event.

Dear colleague,

As Bishop of Liverpool, I am fully aware that our situation here in Merseyside prompts us to be constantly alert to those who arrive in our county.

If you come into contact with young refugees in your work, or wonder how to best support young refugees, then this training could be for you.

As the global refugee crisis continues, hundreds of young refugees fleeing war, violence and persecution are making Merseyside their home. Despite current uncertainty our readiness to welcome, and be aware of the needs of, these young people has never been greater.

It is why I am delighted to write to you about a new initiative in Liverpool between The Children’s Society, the Diocese of Liverpool, Mothers’ Union and Home for Good, to support vulnerable young refugees in Merseyside through practical training for professionals.

Awareness-raising training

The free awareness-raising training will take place on Friday 24th March at All Saints Worship Centre, 55 Sheil Road, Liverpool, L6 3AD. 

On the day topics will cover issues that young refugees can face, including:

• Myth-busting
• The immigration and asylum process, including issues and barriers – through the eyes of an unaccompanied asylum seeking child.
• Rights and entitlements
• How professionals can be more sensitive and aware in their work
• Organisations to contact for advice and support.

The training is aimed at people who may come across refugees in their work or who might be influencers of others; this will include both church professionals (clergy, family or youth workers, chaplains and pastoral assistants), and professionals within church communities, (teachers, lawyers and medical professionals).

To register your interest please use the online form. If you are interested but unable to attend, do let The Children’s Society know and they will inform you about future events.


The Hebrew phrase hat·tê·ḇāh is used in two contexts in the Old Testament, once to describe Noah’s ark, and once for the basket used by Miriam to keep Moses safe in the River Nile. Our organisations are collaborating on the Hat·tê·ḇāh initiative to share gifts and talents and enable communities to provide places of welcome and hope.

Our vision is for our communities to be places of safety, places of hat·tê·ḇāh, for young refugees.

I am delighted that our organisations are able to work together on this joint venture. I would encourage you to register your interest and share details of this initiative with anyone else within your church community that you believe could find the training of interest or relevance.

I invite you all to pray with us for the training. You can find further information and resources to guide your prayers online. If you are unable to make the training day, perhaps you might consider organising a group from your church committing to pray for refugees.

With blessings,

Right Reverend Paul Bayes
Bishop of Liverpool