Notice from EIG regarding Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme

EIG have made an announcement regarding the Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme (LPWG).

EIG has announced:

"As anticipated, funding for the Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme ( LPWG ) for listed churches has been be significantly reduced with effect from 1 April. The Government will set a cap, on a quarterly basis, on the amount of grant available and if exceeded, each church applying during the quarter will have its application reduced on a pro rata basis i.e. Grant available £2 million / total applications £ 3 million – each church has its application cut back by 33.3%.

The fund was intended to cover maintenance repairs to listed churches and while not excluding insurance claims for Ecclesiastical to continue to ask churches to make grant applications, following insured losses, would not seem appropriate in the revised circumstances and would go against our instincts of trying to support the church, wherever practical. This action will allow more churches to benefit from the Scheme.

It has therefore been agreed we should no longer pursue recoveries against the LPWG Scheme, and this applies to new and existing claims with effect from 1st April.

Ecclesiastical have been in contact with the Department of Media, Culture & Sport and they will be redrafting the guidelines to make it clear that repairs covered by insurance fall outside the scheme.

This does not prevent those churches that elect not to insure for VAT from making Grant applications as the VAT is uninsured."