50th church joins Parish Giving Scheme

Since its launch in January 2015, the Parish Giving Scheme in Liverpool has become a great success. The 50th church has just registered to join the time and revenue increasing scheme.

Feedback from the treasurers who have joined so far has been overwhelmingly positive. They have found the scheme to be a straightforward, cost free process and have saved many hours of administration time and most have seen an increase in the levels of giving, some by a significant amount.

One treasurer recently said “the scheme is the best thing for our church, we had to join, it would have been a ‘no brainer’ not to!”

Another said “I can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to join the Parish Giving Scheme, since joining he has been saved hours of time on the Gift Aid claims and the monthly reconciliation of the church accounts.”

We are currently the best performing diocese out of the 10 new joiners to the scheme; this is based upon the % of our churches who have joined, the % of our givers who have joined and the amount of funds processed each month, over £70,000 per month.

Our Inflationary uptake levels are steadily increasing month on month and the majority of our givers choose to increase their giving annually by the rate of inflation.

Any church large or small, any level of wealth can join. The most deprived parish in the diocese and the most affluent parish in the diocese have both joined the scheme.

Joining the Parish Giving Scheme

The Parish Giving Scheme is a multi-diocesan scheme which provides parishes with a professional donation management and Gift Aid service to combat the challenge of static giving by allowing donors to increase their giving in line with inflation. The PGS is now established as a separate charity, and will in 2015 channel around £10 million to parishes in 13 dioceses, making it one of the top 100 Gift Aid claiming charities in the UK.  Over 10,000 donors have joined the scheme.

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