'Making it Easier' day hailed a great success - Well Done!

Our first Making it Easier Day at St Margaret’s School, Aigburth was very well received with 100 delegates having access to high quality training on a wide range of topics affecting the good running of parishes.

The days have been organised as part of our commitment to 'Making it Easier' for parishes.

Diocesan Secretary, Mike Eastwood explained more in his opening presentation to delegates. He told them “We at St James House have a strong commitment about being on the side of parishes and being seen to be on the side of parishes. We are really serious about that” before stating that the whole idea behind Making it Easier was to simplify processes as much as we can and be as open and honest as possible.

He added “Making it Easier is about us trying to exercise judgements on your behalf, to try and understand how the thing works in real life in the church, to help you make decisions with confidence. Through Making is Easier we are absolutely committed to making the process as straightforward as we can, to giving you as much support as we can, to seeing it from your point of view”

Part of it is making the best use of people’s time. That’s why we’re holding these two training mornings – the next one is in the Hope Academy on November 30th. The days bring our experts together offering the latest advice and information and enabling parish officers and clergy to get a great deal of support and information in one morning. This included giving in grace and stewardship, health and safety and buildings advice, how to communicate well and how to become a Disabled Friendly or Child Friendly Church. Plus there’s a whole range of people on hand to answer specific questions or to give advice.

And from the feedback we received we seem to be in the right direction. As one parish officer commented, “ Very useful and great to be able to share experience & expertise with church people in a variety of roles.”

We think that by Making it Easier we can help you devote more of your time to grow in Christ and pursue the mission and ministry which are the lifeblood of the church. It has been useful, well received and we will continue to work hard to Make it Easier for you in 2014.

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Missed Out?

If you missed this excellent training day then why not book onto the

Warrington Archdeaconry day
Saturday 30th November
at Hope Academy, St Helens.

To register for the 30th November please click the button below:

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Booking is essential but the day is free

The day will run from 9.00 to 12.45