‘We belong here’ Reader Summer Study Evenings

'We belong here', was a thought provoking and inspiring set of evenings, well supported by Readers and visitors from across the diocese.

The Summer Study Evenings replaced the Summer School, a new conference venue and a new format. They were held over four weeks from Tuesday 10th June to Tuesday 1st July in The Select Stadium Widnes Conference Centre.

Rev Canon Rod Garner organised the Speakers for the four Tuesday evenings of study, supported by Spen Webster, Warden of Readers, Wendy Pooley, Admin, and staff from the Cathedral Bookshop.

The themes covered were ‘The Journey of the Universe’, ‘A Church for Others’ Marking the Time and the Christian Year’, and ‘Alpha and Omega: The Finality of Christ’.

Spen Webster said “The evenings reaffirmed that we have a right to be here, and that as a church we can do much to help others feel they also belong.”

This year is a celebration of 100 years of Reader Ministry in Liverpool Diocese. The year of celebration continues in September at the AGM, Licensing and Thanksgiving Service for the Reader Ministry, and the Bishop's Reader Conference, at the Select Stadium Widnes, in November Guest Speaker Dean Pete Wilcox, Dean of Liverpool Cathedral.

Some feedback from Readers

“The wide range of subjects & the different speakers was excellent.  Not least the question & answer sessions.”

“the chats with fellow readers over coffee was great.”

“the venue was ideal, but not just because of transport, but the setting & ‘acoustics’ were also first class.”

“a fascinating insight into living the liturgical year. Each year we have the same cycles of seasons, festivals and feasts. But each year we change, life changes, there is loss and gain, joy and sorrow. The liturgical year is a thing of beauty and joy that by its nature and purpose constitutes a journey into the heart of God.” ‘ On Rev Canon Rod Garner’s lecture ‘Journey into the heart of God’

“She was able to bring a deep insight into the necessary place of people with severe disabilities in the body of Christ and in the plan of God for humanity. It was a most moving lecture and you could not help but admire her honesty and abiding love that she has for her son.” On Professor Frances Young’s lecture ‘Christ in All Things.’

'Thank you so much for these evenings they have been inspirational'